Think there's nothing you can do about the skyrocketing cost of your prescription drug plan? 360 Rx Solutions offers a better way.


360 Rx Solutions gives a voice to benefit plan sponsors – employers who must control costs while offering quality benefits. We disrupt the status quo that currently favors the insurance carrier’s relationship with their selected PBM, leaving employers out of critical decision making.


360 Rx Solutions uses a patented technology platform to analyze each employer’s PBM claims data, so costly utilization trends can be identified. This allows us to provide PBM repricing with any potential pricing improvement. Data is then reviewed by our pharmacy experts who are familiar with your company’s benefit goals and the PBM landscape.


360 Rx Solutions employs a team of high-level pharmacy professionals who understand the constantly changing dynamics of drug manufacturing, treatment efficacy and pharmacy management solutions. Our team works with organizations to determine strategies for cost savings and better patient outcomes.


When employers join 360 Rx Solutions, they’re part of something much larger than their own group insurance program. We leverage the power of almost one million members to secure better PBM plan pricing than an individual employer could secure alone.